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Sweco Energoproekt is one of the leading consultancies in the field of dams

We provide services related to the construction of dams for hydropower, irrigation, and water supply as well as dams of tailings ponds for storage of industrial wastes.

The company, together with its predecessors, has more than 60 years of consecutive experience in the design of concrete and embankment dams, including mechanical and electrical equipment for spillways, dam bottom outlets, and water intake structures in reservoirs.

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Sweco Energoproekt participate in the full cycle of research, design and supervision during construction of the Plovdivtsi dam

The reservoir is designed as annual compensating basin with the purpose of providing potable water supply to the settlements in Rudozem and Madan communities with population of about 40 000 residents.

Due to Plovdivtsi reservoir intended purpose for potable water supply, the project includes also a Potable Water Treatment Plant (PWTP).

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