Plovdivtsi Dam

Plovdivtsi Dam is located in Bulgaria, on Iskrets River, in the southern part of Rhodope Mountains, close to the Bulgarian-Greek border, 14 km away from the town of Rudozem, and in the immediate vicinity of Plovdivtsi village.


Purpose: Providing potable water supply

Location: Plovdivtsi vilage, Bulgaria

Client: Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria

Services provided: Site Investigations, Detailed Design, and Bidding Documents


The reservoir is designed as annual compensating basin with the purpose of providing potable water supply to the settlements in Rudozem and Madan communities with population of about 40 000 residents. At present their water supply is provided from 67 nos. of different water sources: water intakes located on small rivers and springs with discharges varying within wide ranges. This leads to insufficient water quantities during the low-water period and water with deteriorated quality during the high-water period. Due to Plovdivtsi reservoir intended purpose for potable water supply, the project includes also a Potable Water Treatment Plant (PWTP).

Plovdivtsi Dam is a rock-fill type with asphalt-concrete diaphragm, 52 m high, with appurtenant structures: morning-glory spillway 40 m high, additional side spillway and PWTP with capacity 225 l/sec.

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The first basic design for Plovdivtsi Dam was prepared in 1983 and the one for the PWTP: in 1985, as the construction work on site was started 1998. In connection with this, in 1998 the designs were supplemented and partially updated. In 2001 the construction work on site was suspended due to lack of funds for its financing, as at that moment the dam and other project structures were only partially built.

The Government of Bulgaria, in cooperation with the World Bank, included the completion of Plovdivtsi Dam in the Municipal Infrastructure Development Project which main purpose is to improve the quality of the water supply and sewerage services in several regions of Bulgaria. Component 3 of this project provides for completion and rehabilitation of 4 dams designed for potable water supply purpose, as one of them is Plovdivtsi reservoir. In 2012, following a public procurement procedure, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works awarded to Sweco Energoproekt Jsc a contract for provision of the following consultant services for Plovidivtsi Dam:

  • Investigation and analysis of the current state of the executed civil works and of the available construction and design documents;

  • Preparation of conceptual design for the construction of the Dam and PWTP;

  • Preparation of basic design for the construction of the Dam and PWTP;

  • Preparation of Bidding documents;

  • Preparation of Working drawings;

  • Designer’s supervision during construction and preparation of as-built drawings.

    Construction work on project site was resumed in 2015 and according to the present time schedule for its execution it will be finished in July 2017. After building and commissioning of Plovdivtsi reservoir and the pertaining PWTP, the long-standing problems with water supply of the settlements in the communities of Rudozem and Madan will be solved.

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