Reconstruction of the water supply and sewerage network of the town of Sliven, Bulgaria

The town of Sliven is situated in Southeastern Bulgaria, at about 300 kilometers east of Sofia. It is the administrative center of Sliven region and has a population of slightly more than 110,000 people. Since 2009, in the city is under implementation the project: "Integrated project for improvement of the water cycle of the town of Sliven", financed with funds provided by the EU and the Bulgarian state budget.

Quick facts

Purpose: Water supply and sewerage network

Location: Sliven town, Bulgaria

Client: Municipality of Sliven

Services provided: Construction supervision


 The main objectives of this project are the provision of satisfactory potable water supply, in terms of quality and quantity of water, and the increase in the number of households connected to sewerage systems, as well as reconstruction of parts of the existing sewerage network in the town of Sliven.

 To achieve these objectives, in the period 2009 to 2012, as part of the above project, was carried out the reconstruction and extension of the urban wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of Sliven, and as next stage of the project was planned to implement the reconstruction and extension of water supply and sewerage networks of the city. This second stage of the project was financed with EU funds vailable for Operational Programme "Environment 2007 – 2013”, Priority axis 1: "Improving and developing infrastructure for potable water and waste water in agglomerations above 10 000 PE".


In September 2013, followinga a public tender procedure, Sliven Municipality awarded an assignment to the consortium named SWECO – STORY, with Leading Partner Sweco Energoproekt Jsc and partner Stroyconsult-GN99 Ltd, for provision of construction supervision services during implementation of the construction works on:

  • extension (total length 10 236 m) and reconstruction (total length 18 045 m) of the sewerage network; and

  • reconstruction of the water supply network (total length 20 706 m)

of the town of Sliven, in the quarters: Klutzhor – South and Klutzhor – North, Komluka, Downtown – West and Downtown – East.

In the scope of services assigned to SWECO – STROY Consortium are included the following activities:

  • Performing the functions of Engineer according to the FIDIC Red Book’s conditions of contract for execution of civil works; and

  • Construction supervision services under article 168 of Law on Spatial Planning during construction works;

  • Health and Safety coordinator during construction works.

Sweco Energoproekt’s share in the execution of the assigned services is 46%. They were started in October 2013 and will be completed in Octber2016, as in this period is included also the 12-month defect notification period according to FIDIC Red Book conditions of contract for execution of civil works.

With the implementation of its share of construction supervision services Sweco Energoproekt Jsc will contribute to the successful implementation of the overall project "Integrated project for improvement of the water cycle of the town of Sliven" by assisting Sliven Municipality in the exercise of quality supervision and investment control of the tconstruction works.

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