A transition to sustainable energy systems is underway across the globe. Sweco’s energy experts work across the entire energy supply chain. Focus is on how energy is produced, distributed where it’s needed, and consumed as efficiently as possible. The result is a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable energy supply.


  • Dams, tailings ponds
  • Hydropower
  • Electricity distribution
  • Electrical power
  • Energy efficiency enhancement
  • Power transmission
  • Solar energy
  • Wind power

Dams, tailings ponds

Sweco Energoproekt Jsc is one of the leading consultancies in the field of dams. We provide services related to the construction of dams for hydropower, irrigation, and water supply as well as dams of tailings ponds for storage of industrial wastes. The company, together with its predecessors, has more than 60 years of consecutive experience in the design of concrete and embankment dams, including mechanical and electrical equipment for spillways, dam bottom outlets, and water intake structures in reservoirs.

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Sweco Energoproekt Jsc has helped develop new dam-safety guidelines, and been a leader in Bulgaria in studying, designing and project-managing dam-safety measures.

In recent years, demands calling for more environmentally friendly hydropower plants have been on the rise. The ecological status of rivers and streams, and the ability of fish to migrate have also become a natural element of many projects.

Sweco Energorproekt Jsc performs site investigations and sustainability and safety studies, develops strategies for the disposal of tailings and for water management. We design dams and tailings ponds’dam raising projects, perform geotechnical studies, and stability calculations, as well as developing remediation alternatives.

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