Well-planned and well-implemented investments strengthen industrial sector competitiveness. Sweco’s industry specialists have the full range of skills needed to drive projects from early studies to final realisation. The results are effective and resource-efficient production and a safe working environment.


  • Plant design
  • Electricity and automation
  • Process engineering services

Plant design

Sweco’s industry specialists deliver efficient, resource-saving design services in the energy and industrial sector. By combining detailed expertise with an overall perspective, we promote sustainable solutions that create competitiveness for our customers. 

Our experts work with the design of mechanics, piping, electricity, automation, and effective systems for heating, ventilation, and climatization (HVAC). We work with our customers to optimise plant design and are involved throughout the entire project from design, through installation, and up to the start-up.

Sweco Energoproekt Jsc has the broad-based expertise needed to manage a project from feasibility study through completed plant construction. This applies equally to major construction and renovation investments as to minor additions and alterations. The result is efficient, resource-efficient production and a safe work environment.