A key element in a city’s attractiveness is the ability of its residents to travel safely and efficiently. Sweco’s infrastructure experts have what it takes to design transport systems that simplify people’s everyday lives. By designing everything from roadways, railways and underground metros to bridges and travel centres, we improve accessibility in tomorrow’s communities and cities.


  • Rock engineering
  • Bridge and tunnel engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Port and marina engineering
  • Measurement technology
  • Road and street design and land planning
  • Railway engineering
  • Electrical engineering for rail-bound traffic
  • ITS and traffic systems

Electrical engineering for rail-bound traffic

Stable, safe and effective railways are imperative to our clients. Electric energy is a necessity for operating trains, keeping tracks clear of snow and supplying signalling and telecom equipment with electrical power.

Railway electrical engineering is divided into solutions for power supply, low voltage and overhead lines. Sweco Energoproekt’s experts possess experience in the solutions for power supply low voltage networks and provide analytical, dimensioning and design services in these areas.

Sweco Energoproekt Jsc has engineers with expertise in electrical engineering and we solve every type of challenge in an effective manner.