Project management

Major urban development projects are expensive, and it is crucial that the customer’s vision is fully realised in the end result. Sweco’s project managers have a critical role as the link between the customer’s vision and actual implementation. We are involved throughout all project phases and, with our structured working methods, we steer complex projects in the right direction.


  • Construction management
  • Surveying and development plans
  • Planning and design management

Surveying and development plans

Sweco Energoproekt Jsc is involved in creating tomorrow’s communities and cities. Our consultants are currently working with city districts and public areas that will become reality in ten to fifteen years. One prerequisite for these far-reaching projects is sustainable and prudent land and property development.

Expertise in real estate law (land parcelling, land access, etc.) is needed for all types of urban development and the development of extensive infrastructure projects – including road, rail, underground metro and power line infrastructure.

Sweco Energoproekt’s consultants assist with technical property issues by surveying and developing parcel (land-plot) plans and detailed site development plans in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation.

Our customers are municipalities, developers, property owners and infrastructure builders.