Water and Environment

Today’s cities have an unavoidable impact on the environment, but adverse effects can be minimised. Sweco’s water and environmental specialists work with reducing harmful emissions, recycling waste and ensuring access to clean water. We also offer solutions that reduce climate impact and adapt society to a changed climate.


  • Waste
  • Treatment of wastewater and potable water
  • Flood protection
  • Site remediation of industrial areas
  • Ground water and water protection
  • Hydraulic modelling and flow measurement
  • Ecological assessments and environmental impact assessments (EIA)

Ecological assessments and environmental impact assessments (EIA)

A modern and sustainable society requires effective systems for potable water, district heating, gas, stormwater and watercourses. This often entails complex projects that encompass several engineering fields and involve numerous parties.

Sweco co-ordinates new network systems for urban development and major infrastructure projects where new pipelines will be laid. We dimension and design cost-effective and sustainable solutions in close co-operation with our customers.

Our experts are involved in the process from the preliminary studies to design, construction management and systems management. We also work with risk assessments and climate adaptation to enhance the protection of watercourses and water and wastewater systems. When water and wastewater operations change, the economic fundamentals also change. This requires knowledge of the water and wastewater systems and the historical development of the watercourses, as well as solid insight into the latest technology and knowledge about climate change.