Water and Environment

Today’s cities have an unavoidable impact on the environment, but adverse effects can be minimised. Sweco’s water and environmental specialists work with reducing harmful emissions, recycling waste and ensuring access to clean water. We also offer solutions that reduce climate impact and adapt society to a changed climate.


  • Waste
  • Treatment of wastewater and potable water
  • Flood protection
  • Site remediation of industrial areas
  • Ground water and water protection
  • Hydraulic modelling and flow measurement
  • Ecological assessments and environmental impact assessments (EIA)

Flood protection

When building the sustainable cities of tomorrow, we minimise our environmental footprint as much as possible, while also adapting society to a changing climate. Handling floods is a crucial component of these efforts. 

Specialists of Sweco Energoproekt Jsc create sustainable solutions to divert and treat floodwater by way of innovative, local stormwater solutions, among other measures. We also propose actions to enhance the protection of population, watercourses, and water and wastewater systems. Our assignments encompass such endeavours as analyses and design of various types of flood protection systems.