Water and Environment

Today’s cities have an unavoidable impact on the environment, but adverse effects can be minimised. Sweco’s water and environmental specialists work with reducing harmful emissions, recycling waste and ensuring access to clean water. We also offer solutions that reduce climate impact and adapt society to a changed climate.


  • Waste
  • Treatment of wastewater and potable water
  • Flood protection
  • Site remediation of industrial areas
  • Ground water and water protection
  • Hydraulic modelling and flow measurement
  • Ecological assessments and environmental impact assessments (EIA)

Site remediation of industrial areas

Due to the massive influx of people to cities, the demand for housing and employment is rising. This often results in former industrial areas making way for attractive new public spaces.

Before people can live their lives in these areas, and in the interest of ensuring a healthy environment, studies must be conducted and the ground and buildings may require remediation. We possess substantial experience from the multitude of historical operations that caused these contaminants and their presence in the soil, groundwater, sediment and buildings.  

Sweco Energoproekt’s assignments often comprise environmental studies and the subsequent risk assessments for public health and the environment. When necessary, we also conduct investigations and risk evaluations ahead of potential remediation measures. We plan and carry out environmental inspections in conjunction with the actual remediation process, and manage contacts with the relevant supervisory authorities.

Projects involving contaminated areas are often complex and encompass several areas of expertise. Thanks to Sweco Energoproekt’s extensive expertise, combined with its understanding of and commitment to its clients’ operations, we can provide a universal perspective that ensures quality results.