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Ecological projects and environmental impact assessments

The legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria requires an assessment of all environmental impacts (EIA) for sites of different types and sizes. An EIA means both the document used for decision-making by the authorities as well as the actual study that led to the results in that document.


Sweco Energoproekt Jsc has experience in the preparation of environmental projects and assessments in various fields, including hydrotechnical facilities, industry, spatial planning of municipalities, wind energy, expansion of power lines and many others. Backed by extensive experience in the field of the environment and some technical disciplines, we are well prepared to deal with the complex procedures involved in environmental impact assessment, as well as the documents of the studies that are often needed.

Ecology as key component of sustainable development

Urban development, as well as large infrastructure sites outside cities, create a constant need for construction and reconstruction of residential areas, urban infrastructure, industries and many other sites. This often requires obtaining permits from the authorities, and often an assessment of how the environment will be affected, in the form of an environmental impact assessment.

Екологични оценки и оценка на въздействието върху околната среда (ОВОС)

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